Origins Story

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It all started when…

I first started trying to teach myself Latin when I was 12 years old (nerd, right?), with a book published in the ‘40s called Teach Yourself Latin, by F. Kinchin Smith. I still love that book, don’t get me wrong. But that book started a long journey through dozens – literally – of other books on the subject, some older, some brand new.
I kept reading all the books on Latin and language-learning I could find, I kept trying to find out how to learn a language – really learn it, so I could read fluently. I knew it was possible, because I’d read about so many people in the past who could read and write Latin easily; I just had to find the solution. You see, most courses spend their time giving you easy (or not so easy) little exercises to illustrate and give you practice in a particular grammatical point. And there’s SO MUCH memorising… But I just wanted to read Latin!!

Every time I picked up a piece of Latin I was struggling to understand it, and it felt more like a code I had to crack than a language.
Going solo in a language is a challenge, but a rewarding one, and, with the decoding method, certainly not an impossible one. That’s why I created the Decoding Latin materials, to make that journey faster and easier. Definitely worth it for the time saved, trust me. From the moment you open these books you’ll know you’ve found the answer you’re looking for: finally, you’ll know how to ‘decode’ Latin!

In addition, I’m working on a set of books I’m translating by hand in the decoding style (with the translation on the same line as the Latin). The first is available on Amazon, and the others should be available to purchase by the end of 2019 (some of them will be out earlier), so if you want to make learning Latin as easy as reading a book in English, look out for them!


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