Decoding Latin

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Hi! My name is Alexander Westenberg, creator of Decoding Latin, a movement for Latin-learners the world over.

We don’t buy into the traditional ‘grammar & exercise’ approach to language learning, and we’re not big on dumbed down artificial Latin either. In fact, we do just the opposite.

We insist on REAL Latin, starting today, right now. We don’t wait around for some mythical day in the future when we’re able to read books in Latin. We read whatever interests us, because we know there’s no hard or easy Latin, there’s only real, interesting content... or there’s nothing.

If you asked most teachers, or looked at just about any Latin book, they’d probably give you a hundred reasons you need to do grammar first, and why what we’re doing can’t work. But it does work. Every single day. We’ve cracked the code of learning Latin.

This is Decoding Latin!


Having tried (and failed) to learn new languages with Duolingo and textbooks, I was sceptical about how easy the Decoding Latin method sounded. But after 8 months of using the Decoding Latin resources, I can now confidently read real Latin books! The progress is way quicker than I thought it would be and it’s so satisfying picking up any Latin text I like and being able to understand it by myself. I proudly tell everyone I’m learning Latin now and love “decoding” every bit of Latin I come across.
— Jessie